The City is embarking on a community outreach effort as a part of the Saratoga Village Plan Update process.  The Saratoga Village Plan is a policy document adopted in 1988 that regulates and guides development and land use in the Village.  It has been 27 years since a comprehensive review and update of the Village Plan. Before the City contemplates any changes to the Village Plan, the City Council wants to reach out to the community and solicit input on your views and vision for the Village.

What is a Specific Plan?

A Specific Plan is a comprehensive planning document that facilitates the implementation of the General Plan's vision in a specific geographic area within the city. Its content and stipulations vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but typically include a zoning and land use map, design and development standards, a comprehensive community engagement strategy, and any necessary ammendments to the Zoning Code.

Why do a Specific Plan Update?

The Village has served as the heart of the community since its beginnings. In recognition of its importance, the City adopted a Specific Plan to guide its development in 1988. The Village Plan has not been comprehensively reviewed or updated since its adoption.  Over the last 27 years, the community has changed demographically adding new residents and becoming more diverse in terms of cultures and ages.  Given these changes the City wants to review its land use policy to ensure it still reflects community values. Before the City Council begins a review of the Village Plan, it wants to hear from the community.

How long will it take to prepare the Specific Plan Update?

The first step in the process is community outreach, which will take approximately six months.  At the end of that period, staff will report back to the City Council with the results of the community outreach. At that time, the Council will decide the next steps.  There is no timeline for completing the process.

How may I participate in the process?

You may participate by taking a few minutes to complete a community survey on the Village. The survey will open in the coming weeks. Your responses to the survey will be used to help the City Council decide on how to move forward with updating the Village Plan.  Spread the word in the community.  Let them know how they can participate.  The City wants to hear from as many residents as possible.  Keep checking in on this website for updates and information as the Village Plan update process unfolds.

I have more questions, how may I reach the City?

Please visit the Contact page to send the City a message.