Planning Commission Study Session on January 10, 2017

The Planning Commission initiated the substantive process for deliberating and crafting updated policy for guiding land use and development in the Village at a December 13, 2016 Planning Commission Study Session.
Out of the Community Outreach effort conducted from January through March of 2016, four topics were identified as areas that needed to be addressed to reflect the community’s current goals and objectives for the Village.

After the Planning Commission reviewed additional comments and discussed their own suggestions, the Commission compiled summary statements that represented the community’s priorities and agreed on guiding principles.

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The next Planning Commission Study Session on the Village will be on Tuesday, December 13th.

Village Policy Update
Planning Commission Study Session
Saratoga Community Center
Saunders Room
6:00pm - 8:00pm

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April 27th 2016 - Joint Planning Commission / Heritage Preservation Commission Meeting

When: 7:00 pm

Subject: The result of the Community Outreach on the Village

Where: Saunders Room, Saratoga Community Center (Joan Pisani Center) in 19655 Allendale Avenue

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