The Saratoga Village uniquely reflects the community with its quaint charm and historic character. It provides not only an array of specialty retail, restaurant and personal service opportunities, but also lends itself to a leisurely stroll with its cozy environment and hillside setting.  To find out more about the Village, see below.

Saratoga Village Development Council and Village Gardeners

Please visit the Saratoga Village Development Council website for more information on the Village and the Village Gardeners.

Saratoga Chamber of Commerce

Please visit the Saratoga Chamber of Commerce website for more information on business opportunities in the Village.

Destination Saratoga

Please visit the Destination Saratoga website to learn more about the City's treasures, activities, and opportunities to explore.

Heritage Preservation Commission

Saratoga Heritage.jpg

The Heritage Preservation Commission functions as a liaison working in conjunction with the City Council, the Planning Commission, and the agencies and departments of the City.

Their mission is to provide guidance to the City of Saratoga in order to preserve and protect the heritage resources of the community.

Saratoga Village Business Directory

To download a PDF version of the Business Directory for easy exploration please click here.

saratoga village directory june 2015.